Food Machinery and Equipment Manufacturer

Bihai Packaging Materials was inaugurated in 1992. We are a Chinese manufacturer that specializes in the design, development, and assembly of aseptic packing and auxiliary equipment for liquid foods including purified water, juice, milk, wine, etc.

Our company property spans a total of 110,000 square meters.
We have 170 million RMB in fixed assets, which include 188 complete sets of advanced processing machinery. Our annual output capacity for liquid food aseptic compound packing paper and the aseptic brick-shaped carton filling machine are 3.6 billion packs and 170 units, respectively.

We have 3 wholly owned subsidiaries include Shandong Bihai Packaging Materials, Shandong BIHAI Packaging Materials, and Linyi YIBEI Baby Food & Beverage. Collectively, we have gained worldwide... More